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Giving Neurodivergent Employees the Best Chance to Grow Their Careers

Giving Neurodivergent Employees the Best Chance to Grow Their Careers

In March 2023, Specialisterne Ireland featured in the Careers Transformation Campaign with the Irish Independent. Read the extended article below!

“I’ve bought my own house near to where I work and walk in every day. When I started out in my
career as an autistic graduate, I never thought I would be able to achieve that goal. Specialisterne
Ireland was a big part of that success.” – Nick.

Nick, a talented Autistic graduate with a degree in I.T. was struggling to find his first job when he reached out to Specialisterne Ireland (SPI). SPI understood Nick’s needs and worked directly with SAP, an I.T. company in Dublin, to break down the barriers making finding employment difficult for Nick. As a result of reaching out to SPI, Nick is now celebrating his 9th year working in SAP and his
career continues to flourish.

Specialisterne Ireland is a specialist recruitment consultancy, established by three people with autistic children, including the current CEO, Peter Brabazon. They set up the company to support people like their sons, who similar to Nick, were facing challenges in finding employment that suited their interests and needs.

Specialisterne Ireland matches the talents, skills and interests of candidates to an opportunity in one of their fifty partner companies. SAP, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and the three main banks are among the many partners who have expressed the value in having the SPI
team to call upon, making recruitment a successful experience for both the manager and the employee. SPI works with managers and recruiters alike to develop more effective communication which in turn, benefits the whole team.

SPI’s partners get a new employee who experiences the world differently. The companies get to bring diversity to their teams and benefit from an employee who might think outside the box, have an amazing capacity for detail or who just says it like it is. SPI works with forward-thinking companies who understand that great teams are created using diverse thinkers. They doesn’t use a traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach, each candidate unique and their candidate-centric, strengths-based approach reflects this.

SPI has just celebrated its 10th anniversary, having supported more than 1000 talented neurodivergent individuals to move closer to employment. When one of their partner companies employs a person through their service, they offer not just a job; in reality they offer to include someone who may present a little differently, but who can perform very well in the role. They afford this person the opportunity to contribute to society; to pay taxes, to get a mortgage, buy a car and meet people.

“Thank you so much for all the help you have given me. I would have struggled to get
one job offer on my own. So getting two offers is evidence that the methods used by
Specialisterne Ireland are effective!” – Mary, Recent Graduate.