Disability Payment

Did you know that the rules have changed?

It is now possible to work more hours per week and receive a higher hourly rate of pay and
still receive some disability payment (and keep your travel pass).

Calculating if you will still receive a Disability Allowance has been made a LOT easier. The
department of welfare have set up an online calculator at:

How the calculator works:

Firstly it is completely anonymously, you will not be asked for any identification.
Secondly, it will ask you these simple questions:1. What allowance are you receiving? Disability allowance/blind pension etc,
2. What is your relationship status and do you have dependent children? Are you
3. Do you have a full Medical Card? Yes/No
4. Are you working now?
o No
o Yes: input number of hours per week and hourly pay

5. About your new job: how many hours per week and at what hourly pay?

The calculator then shows a picture/graph to show how much money you will receive from
your job and how much (if any) disability allowance you will still receive from the state, see
our example below.

Other questions you might have:

What about my Medical Card & Free Travel Pass?

  • If you decide to take up work, you get to keep your Free Travel Pass for as long as
    you qualify for Disability Allowance.
  •  If you take up work, but no longer qualify for Disability Allowance, you can keep
    your Free Travel Pass for 5 years.
  • If you take up any form of work, you can keep your Medical Card for 3 years.

What about my Social Welfare Payment?

  • If your main income support is Disability Allowance and you can start work, you can
    earn up to €120 a week and keep your full payment.
  • If you earn between €120 and €350 from your job, we will only take half of this into
    account when we assess your Disability Allowance payment. Use the calculator
    mentioned above to see how they assess your allowance.

What happens if working doesn’t work out?

If you have to leave your new job within the first 12 months, you need to contact welfare at
the telephone number below and your full social welfare payment will be re-instated by
Wednesday of the following week.

If you require emergency access to funds, you can contact your local DEASP representative
to enquire about getting a Supplementary Welfare Allowance payment to cover you in the
interim period.

The Disability Allowance section can be contacted on:
(043) 334 0000 or LoCall 1890 92 77 70

The above information is available on welfare.ie