Success with SAP

Currently, figures indicate that between 80- 85% of people on the autism spectrum are
unemployed or underemployed. However, some businesses have begun to see the value of
this untapped resource of talented individuals.
In 2013, SAP took the first step to becoming a more inclusive and diverse working
environment through their Autism at Work Programme. SAP have committed to employing
1% of their workforce with individuals on the autistic spectrum.

This programme enables employers to tap into an extremely underutilized talent source,
reducing barriers of entry so qualified individuals can fully develop their potential. Autism at
Work is an internationally recognised SAP programme operating in 12 countries and works
with and employs more than 140 colleagues with Autism.
Specialisterne Ireland is a specialist recruiting agency that supports talented individuals with
Autism, Aspergers and similar challenges to find meaningful work. Specialisterne Ireland
partnered with SAP on a global scale in 2013 to achieve this goal. Our candidates, now
employees in SAP have shown and continue to show great loyalty to the company and are
highly committed workers with a wide range of skills and talents.