Working from Home tips for Candidates – Workspace

It is important that you look after yourself while working from home during this time. When we work from home it is easy to get into bad habits and become immersed in work, and this can be counter-productive. Or you may experience the opposite and find it hard to focus and remain as motivated as you would on-site. To avoid this, we suggest a few things around expectations and best practices for remote working:


• Candidates need to have a clear workspace with comfortable seating and no distractions. If you find something is distracting you (e.g. personal mobile phone), this should be put away during working hours.


• It is very important to keep a regular routine while working from home. Try to get up at the same time as normal and get dressed/have breakfast and then go for a little walk in the place of your normal commute to the office.
• Set a schedule and stick to it. This might mean setting an alarm as a reminder.
• Your work day hours are the same as normal, and candidates should still take his/her lunchbreak as normal.