If you are a job seeker and experience communication challenges which may be related to Autism or Aspergers, we can:

  • assess your skills , and advise on job roles that best suit your communication profile and skill set
  • search for jobs and support you through the interview process
  • coach you at a mock interview to help you perform at your best

If you are in a job role, and experience communication challenges which may be related to Autism or Aspergers we can provide Communication Coaching to help you understand Autism and how to Communicate Effectively.

  • Assessment

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  • Coaching

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It has made a huge impact on the teams where colleagues with Autism have been involved. They certainly have a greater sense of cohesion and they themselves have looked at themselves as individuals in how they treat others, not necessarily those with Autism, but also those not on the Spectrum.

Liam RyanSAP

It’s kind of like playing Tetris – you need all different shapes working together. Specialisterne know how to get different minds working together. They can help you find a job that fits you

MarkSoftware Tester

The team at Specialisterne helped my skills and qualities to be recognised in the IT sector where they otherwise might have been overlooked, and with that first helpful step onto the ladder, my career has only taken off soaring from there

Previous CandidateSoftware Engineer