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Featured Partner Employer Companies

SAP and Specialisterne Ireland

Specialisterne Ireland are delighted to have partnered with SAP since 2013 to support our candidates on the autism spectrum to secure employment opportunities. SAP currently recruits candidates through their Autism at Work Programme and currently employs ten candidates across both Dublin and Galway locations.

This unique relationship allows Specialisterne Ireland to offer a comprehensive support package to both placed candidates and managers in SAP, as we cooperate in all aspects of the hiring process. Candidates are interviewed using autism friendly interview techniques and if successful at interview, Specialisterne Ireland liaise with HR and managers to support the onboarding of the candidate into SAP and provide ongoing support to them, their buddy and managers according to their individual needs.

DPS and Specialisterne Ireland

DPS Group is a global engineering, consulting and project management company, serving high-tech industries around the world. Specialisterne Ireland are delighted to have partnered with DPS Group, who are supporting our programme in the Munster region.

DPS Group currently employs two of our candidates in engineering roles. Our Specialisterne team members provide ongoing support to both the individuals and DPS Group management.

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OpenApp and Specialisterne Ireland

OpenApp is a pioneering software company specialising in the development of programmes, projects, applications and software primarily for the Healthcare market. Its clients include HSE, European Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the European Commission.

OpenApp have provided four candidates from Specialisterne with internship and employment opportunities, two of which are currently employed in full time positions in the company.