• Specialisterne Ireland

    Recruiting and supporting talented Autistic people and those with ADHD, Dyspraxia/DCD, Dyslexia, and similar challenges.


Specialisterne Ireland is a specialist consultancy that recruits and supports talented people on the autism spectrum and those with similar neurodiverse challenges in gaining employment. Our experience helps employers recruit and retain talented people and grow diverse, effective teams. We are a national organisation, which partners with local service providers and businesses to develop the most sustainable programmes possible while developing a mentorship/management model to enable employers to expand their recruitment to include graduates on the autism spectrum and those with similar challenges. As part of the Specialist People Foundation, we contribute to a global aim of one million jobs for people on the autism spectrum.
This project was approved by Government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund

How Can We Help

If You Are A Job Seeker

    WE CAN:
  • Support you to apply for jobs
  • Work with you at your pace to prepare you for the interview process
  • Provide mock interviews to help you perform at your best
  • Discuss disclosure and reasonable accommodations
  • Support you throughout the interview process
  • Search for employment opportunities in our partner companies
  • Support you to find your own employment
  • Provide ongoing support to candidates employed in our partner companies

If You Are An Employer

    WE CAN:
  • Provide CVs of suitably qualified candidates who match your available job roles
  • Train interviewers in your organisation to provide autism friendly interviews
  • Advise on implementation of reasonable accommodations in the workplace
  • Provide ongoing support to both the candidate and the company throughout employment

What Others Say About Us

Employing people with Autism has brought a greater sense of cohesion to our teams. It has also allowed us to bring additional talent on board through a different channel as people with Autism tend to be more technically minded and think in a diverse but structured way. This is a way of harnessing that talent and diversifying our workforce at the same time.
Specialisterne has helped me go from unemployed to full time employed in the IT Sector. The excellent support, guidance and mentoring throughout the assessment and placement process, had resulted in SAP offering me a full time position. I could not have achieved this without the help and support of Specialisterne
Working with Specialisterne was a very positive experience and we would recommend them to other companies. They are always available to support both the candidate and the employer.
Working with Specialisterne has given us an insight into their work with adults on the autistic spectrum and the difference that they make. They are a professional company and very easy to work with.


We greatly appreciate any support for our work, including financial donations. To make a donation of any size, please use the form on the right. We are very grateful for your generosity.

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