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Diversity and Inclusion Training

We provide a tailored training service, delivered via video conference or in person. It can be delivered to a large cohort or a small defined group.  We can tailor the training to include your corporate message or D&I goals.

General company wide training

This one hour (including a Q&A section) covers:

  • Understanding Neurodiversity
  • Barriers to employment
  • A ‘How To’ Guide for eliminating these barriers


Targeted training

We provide a more focused presentation for hiring managers and/or recruiters. This would highlight the supports available from Specialisterne Ireland providing  a ‘how to’ guide for inclusive hiring. 

You decide on your target audience and we can provide a focused and easy to follow training package.

Our goal is to provide insight into the challenges faced by neurodiverse graduates beginning their career and show how some minor adjustments and little  understanding can create a diverse and inclusive corporate environment that benefits everyone.


Mentors are managers that are willing to share some of their learning and lived experience with our neurodivergent candidates.

Benefits for the Mentors include the opportunity to learn and enhance their leadership skills while learning about the strengths, skills and talents offered by neurodiverse individuals. This programme offers Mentors the chance to see and value the positive impact that a neurodiverse workforce can have on them as leaders and their business or team.

We will provide mentees – our Neurodiverse graduates, who will benefit from gaining valuable advice, enabling them to reach their goals and/or build relevant skills for their area of interest.

This programme includes 8 x 40-minute sessions incorporating pre-programme mentor coaching, meetings with the mentee, and follow-up joint mentor sessions with other managers to allow peer learning and sharing of experiences.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is designed to assist executives with positive leadership development and to enhance their reputation and ability to succeed and progress in their career. This type of coaching involves professional and personal development of the executives.

Our Executive Coaches provide a safe and structured  environment in which to  support  people to explore their skills and their leadership style.. The coach also helps the leader understand how they are perceived by others, and  to focus on identifying and clarifying current goals as well as the appropriate action steps to reach those goals.

This is a unique opportunity to avail of the years of expertise and experience in Specialisterne Ireland and combine it with powerful Coaching Tools.

Our Facilitators

All of our coaches have a Diploma in Life Coaching and have extensive experience in working with individuals who are neurodivergent.

Workplace Assessment

A workplace assessment is designed to identify reasonable adjustments that can be implemented to support a neurodivergent employee who is experiencing challenges in their role. Reasonable adjustments may involve changes such as adaptations to the working environment, assistive technology provision, communication style changes or awareness training.

The assessment is carried out by an experienced assessor who has experience supporting neurodivergent employees in the workplace. The assessment involves a meeting with the employee to discuss any challenges they may be  experiencing at work and explore their work environment, specific work tasks and current coping strategies. Specialisterne Ireland utilises a person-centred and strengths based approach which focuses on the needs of the employee and the specific requirements of the job.

A meeting is also held with the manager to discuss challenges and provide neurodiversity awareness information. The manager will be provided with a comprehensive report detailing our recommendations.