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Ethical Statement

Researching Autism and Neurodiversity with Specialisterne Ireland: Ethical Statement

Specialisterne Ireland is committed to international best standards in delivering and monitoring its services. Our staff share and apply our multidisciplinary knowledge – ranging from Psychological Science, Social Policy to Accounting and Business – to make practical solutions for all beneficiaries. For example, we stay up to date with the latest secondary research about neurodiversity ‘in house’ through staff-to-staff training. An evidence-based approach gives our candidates bespoke care and enables us to communicate complex information with businesses practically. 

Specialisterne Ireland supports research activity that is in line with its values. We are committed to principles of inclusion for the disability community across society. Specialisterne Ireland will consider contributing to a third party’s research project if the host institution or funding body has subjected it to a successful ethics review. We would then review the relevant research proposal material to ensure transparent procedures for monitoring ethics throughout the project and its dissemination. 

Specialisterne Ireland may consider, where appropriate, engaging in some postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral level projects. We may consider such subjects as neurodiverse employment, employee wellbeing, women, gender and neurodiversity, and Dyspraxia/DCD in the workplace. Our organisation does not necessarily endorse any final thesis submission or publication. 

We avoid contacting our candidates to participate in research projects. We favour unobtrusive research methods for the study of autism/neurodiversity and employment. In exceptional cases, we may consider inviting candidates to participate in research if it is a particularly beneficial experience for them. We would not connect researchers directly with our candidates due to GDPR. 

We are a small staff; our responses to research queries will depend on our workload at any time. Please contact if you wish to discuss our contribution to a research project.