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Specialisterne Ireland is a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG), that is not for private profit. We are committed to creating practical solutions to the high unemployment levels of people on the Autistic Spectrum. We apply recruitment, Autism and business sector knowledge to join up the dots and create a picture where autistic people bring a different perspective to business, and that in doing so Ireland’s businesses do better.

By donating time, skills, or money, or by using Specialisterne Ireland’s services, you help us help more people which gets us closer to fulfilling our aim of contributing locally to Specialisterne’s global aim of one million jobs for people with Autism or Aspergers.

Specialisterne’s Founder, Thorkil Sonne, who started Specialisterne in Denmark in 2004, comments that we can’t do this alone:

It takes a community to go from hope to action and to go from action into impact.

Specialisterne Ireland ask our clients and candidates to measure the value of what we do, we ask tricky questions about what is or is not helping, and we keep working until we make actual differences in the lives of people with Autism in Ireland.


Companies or individuals are invited to work with Specialisterne to create fundraising initiatives, from Lego building marathons to sponsored hackathons. We will work with you to engage your staff to help support us in our aim of creating a better society for people with Autism in Ireland. As a Community Interest Company that is charitable in nature and not for private profit, every euro raised goes to creating better opportunities for people with Autism in Irish workplaces.

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