We recruit at undergraduate, graduate and apprenticeships levels and across disciplines, typically for roles where attention to detail, pattern thinking or an ability to think outside of the box are important.

We work closely with Ireland’s leading universities and often get to know candidates in their undergraduate years, which means we are more likely to make a good match to job role and company environment.

Our extensive referral networks also attract graduates and experienced level candidates. When we ask our candidates, they often say they do not use non-specialist agencies, and so we can give you access to a new talent pool.

Our Autism and Aspergers specialism means that in addition to recruitment consultancy, we offer team-working assessments, behavioural profiles, support through the interview process, training in how to interview, assess and manage people with communication difference, and individual communication coaching for employees needing some extra support.

Our aim is that recruiting diversity is such a good experience that you will want to do it again. And that in doing so you will develop the team skills to do it without us.

  • Assessment

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