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Our Values

Specialisterne Ireland Values

Dedication to Diversity and Inclusion: Embracing diversity and delivering value to our stakeholders, we believe integrity is the foundation of our individual and collective actions that drives Specialisterne Ireland of which we are proud. Our stakeholders are our neurodiverse candidates along with their representatives and supporters, our partner employers, philanthropists and other funders. 

Culture of Partnership and Excellence: By passionately working together with all stakeholders, we challenge each other to achieve the highest levels of professional excellence. We achieve our results through teamwork, efficiency, continuous improvement and overall by acting with transparency, honesty and trust with all. 

Commitment to Engagement and Enablement: With an innovative approach to enable our candidates gain employment and personal fulfilment we work with all our stakeholders, and greater society at large. We deliver innovative and continuous learning solutions in a business manner that advances the sustainability and longevity of our solutions. 

As a candidate centred organisation, we wish to promote their individual abilities and special requirements. In that context, we will participate in the development of policies and practices which promote and enhance the full acceptance and integration of all members of the disability community. 

Peter Brabazon