Giving Neurodivergent Employees the Best Chance to Grow Their Careers

In March 2023, Specialisterne Ireland featured in the Careers Transformation Campaign with the Irish Independent. Read the extended article below! “I’ve bought my own house near to where I work and walk in every day. When I started out in my career as an autistic graduate, I never thought I would be able to achieve […]

Our Videos

Watch all of our information videos in the one place! This video provides an introduction to who we are and what we do here at Specialisterne Ireland.   We are very excited to say we are operating in Ireland for over 10 years. This short video will give you an overview of what we do […]

10th Anniversary

We are very proud that Specialisterne Ireland is now operating in Ireland for 10 years. To meet some of our candidates, some of our team and have a look at what we are all about, click on our Anniversary Video. Here’s to the next 10!  

Training and Mentorships

“I don’t know if our company is ready for a neurodiverse hire.” We don’t hear this being said out loud but often when we meet a company, we can see they just aren’t ready to take a big jump into neurodiverse hiring.  It is a big step.  They have great intentions, but they don’t want […]

Working in a post Covid-19 World

Let’s be clear, Covid-19 was a time that rocked the world and created huge instability and uncertainty for many. It was a time filled with towering levels of anxiety and crippling fear. I hold my hand up and can say with certainty that this was the case for me too. However, what the pandemic did […]